ACTIVITIES - Recreational Team

What are Activities?
In a nutshell, our Activities Team is basically in charge of organizing games or ice breakers that encourage opportunities of fellowship to get closer to each other and, of course, to have loads of fun. We organize events from Sunday Funday's to retreats.

What do you do?
We understand that it's never easy to be in a room full of people and know nobody, so our goal is to provide ways to make involvement easier through games, sports, and/or icebreakers. Although these activities seem minuscule and unimportant, we desire to have a church that encourages sportsmanship, camaraderie, and fun. Let's make tons of memories together! 

What do I do?
The most important thing you can do is to come! You won't be able to bond with anybody or get closer if you don't come to any events! You are more than welcome to invite your friends if you're uncomfortable to go alone! Remember that we are here to make you feel welcome! If you're interested in volunteering, come talk to me!

Just do it.