How Christmas Can Fix the World

...Or how Christ coming into the world means that the world isn't "going to hell in a hand basket." 

Sometimes I get super discouraged watching the news.  Things don't look like they're getting better.  Wars, injustice, drugs, abuse, sex trade, ISIS, terrorism, starving people, disease, selfishness, violence, and more fill the airwaves.  What's more, Christmas has become part of that noise, encouraging people to go into debt, children taught to be entitled by parents buying them whatever they want, and all the while missing the entire point.  Jesus, the Son of God, entered into our messed up world to save us.  His birth brings us hope, because it means things don't have to stay this way.  

So what is the Advent season really about?  Check out this blog from Relevant Magazine by Stephen Miller, "What We Get Wrong About Advent."