God Uses Sinners

Sin is a part of our life that is very hard to overcome. Even the holiest of Christians sin every day. When we do sin, sometimes we feel guilty and think that God has no use for sinners like us. But guess what? That’s absolutely not true.

In the Bible, God continuously used flawed people to spread the Gospel and be role models for Christians today. For example, King Solomon, wise king with God, had many wives, which was sin. However, God had Solomon be one of the greatest figure of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Here are some other flawed people used in God’s plan.

1.       King David

2 Samuel 11

As the composer of most of Psalms, the ancestor of the Messiah, and a man after God’s own heart, David is one of the most important figures of the Abrahamic religions known for his righteousness. This “righteous” king committed adultery with a woman, got her pregnant, and made sure that her husband died in battle so that David could sleep with the woman. The result of this were three punishments from God (2 Samuel 12). Despite David’s, God made him an example in the Bible for Christians to follow.

2.       Simon Peter

Matthew 26: 69-75, Mark 14: 66-72, Luke 22: 54-62, John 18: 15-18 & 25-27

One of the Apostles, author of 1 Peter and 2 Peter of the New Testament, Peter denied that he was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ three times. He did not think for a second how God would see him; he denied Jesus even though he believed that he would never fall away from Him. But when he did and the rooster crowed, he wept bitterly in guilt. But in the end, God forgave Peter, and He still used him to spread the Gospel.



3.       Paul the Apostle


Acts 8: 1-5

One of the Apostles, author of thirteen of the books of the New Testament, persecuted Christians when he was still Saul. He went into churches and sent Christian men and women into prison to be executed. He didn’t kill any of the Christians himself, but he was the one who led these Christians to be killed, so it is also his sin. He was even pleased with the death of Stephen, so we know that he hated the Christians. Many Christians were killed by him, but God later used him to improve the Christian community.

This is what I think is amazing about how God works out his plan. Instead of gathering “righteous” people for his plan, God chose sinful people like Matthew the tax collector and Rahab the prostitute to spread the Gospel and carry out God’s plan, and it shows that sin does not decide whether God will use you for His glory. Remember reading in the Bible that Jesus died for our sins and that the price for our sins has already been paid. No one is perfect, but God will use you because he made you.