Christianity is a well-known religion in today’s society, but there are some facts that no one knows. When I mean “no one”, I mean the general population of course, but “no one” knows these facts they are not useful for anything.

But useless knowledge is better than no knowledge, right?

So here are some facts about Christianity that no one knows or needs to know:

1.       There are over 43,000 different Christian denominations

You have heard of Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Anglican, Protestant, and more. Of the Protestant for example, you have heard of Presbyterian, Baptist, Mormon, Methodist (hey that’s us), and more. Even from there, the denominations branch off as other denominations slightly differently in practice from their parent denomination and their sibling denominations. Every year, there are churches that want to do things differently, and new denominations form, and the number of Christian denominations increase.

2.       In early times, Romans called Christians “Atheists” for not worshiping pagan gods.

Back in early times, monotheistic believers were persecuted by the Romans. These weren’t not the same Romans that we see as Pharisees and Sadducees in the Bible (they were Jewish) but were polytheistic believers such as the Galatians before Paul’s actions. These Romans were foreign to the idea of one god, and they labeled those such as Christians as “Atheists” for denying the existence of all gods.

3.       Jesus never intended to create a new religion which we now know as Christianity.

Jesus came down to die for our sins, and resurrected after three days. He became the foundation of Christianity, but his only intention was to change Judaism from its corrupted system of Pharisees and Sadducees. It was the followers of Christ, the Apostles, who made a new religion through the Gospel. For example, John 3:16 was not spoken by Jesus but written by John the Apostle. Jesus never said to worship him but his Father.

4.       Christianity is more popular in China than Europe.

Christianity originated in Europe as the Apostles that were there spread the Gospel, and even early churches were formed in Europe, but became less popular, and now those early churches are just historical buildings. In China on the other hand, Christianity is very popular, even under restrictive circumstances under the communist government.


5.       For selling out Jesus, Judas earned equivalent of four months’ pay of an employed man.

According to Matthew 26: 14-16, Judas was paid thirty pieces of silver for betraying Jesus, which was worth four months’ worth of having a decent job. Thirty pieces of silver is now worth roughly $300. Not even close.

6.       There are at least seven churches located in Antarctica.

Apparently, some penguins went to the ocean and found a Bible floating in the waters, so they formed churches to worship Jesus… I’m just kidding. People actually live in Antarctica if you didn’t know that, and there are some churches there. They aren’t big, but they are there.

7.       Jesus is mentioned more in the Quran than Muhammad.

So Jesus is mentioned 25 times, and Muhammad is mentioned 5 times. In Islam, all prophets are considered Muslims because they submitted to the will of God, and Jesus, being one of them, is mentioned many times in the Quran as a Muslim. He is mentioned many times because the Muslims, like Christians, believe that Jesus was the Messiah, but they deny that he is God.

You didn’t need to know these things or maybe you did. At least you know somethings that your friends don’t. The More You Know