Why Lent Matters ?

Lent started on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. It's currently the middle of Lent, but here are some reminders as to why it matters:

•    Lent is a reminder of our need to repent. It means that we have to recognize that we are sinners and we have to lay down our sins to God. (Check out Shann’s blog on Repentance here.)

•    Lent is a way to remind ourselves that we need to put God first by giving up things that we devote our attention to such as sweets, video games, TV shows, etc. This helps put our human desires back on hold and it let God meet our needs. (Check out Sang's blog on Fasting here.)

•    Lent reminds us that all our values and purpose comes from God. The one who created us in His image and saved us for eternity. In actuality, we are nothing without GOD, but through Him we become extraordinary.

•    Lent is also the season to reflect our lives how broken and sinful we are. If we are not aware of how broken we are, we won’t understand the Jesus went through on the cross.

•    Lent sobers our souls in order for us to celebrate Easter.

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