What is Creative Communications? 
Creative Communications is actually a broad expanse of talentswhen it comes down to it, it's just a creative way of communicating. That can be anything from visually, musically, oratorically, etc. Our group focuses on the visual and some bits of oration. Music is all in the worship team

Okay, so what? (What's your purpose?)
Well, in our group we use our talents for the sake of coming closer to God and facilitating others' growth towards God. Not everything is easy to read, sometimes you need the 'picture-book' or 'sparks notes' help to guide you. That's what our group is for. Well, alright that sounds nice and all, right? So what does all of that entail? Plenty of things, really: making posters, advertising events, raising awareness through social media, uplifting people with cards(and maybe even birthday cards), keeping a website up to date to draw attention to important things and keep people up-to-date, working on murals, decorating the youth room, encouraging each other to work on their God-given gifts, and a plethora of other things. 

Got it. So what do I need to do?
It's easy. Keep track of dates and deadlines. Show up for meetings when they happen(they don't happen too often). Keep in contact. Always try to work on your talents. Some responsibilities might be different from person to person, but it's always about your work ethic. If you miss a deadline, you should have a good reason other than 'I didn't have time for it.' But don't worry, we're understanding folk. Life happens, but fight back! 

In the society that we live in now, social media isn't always going to agree with what we do, even if there is proclaimed religious freedom. Some people might ridicule your workit's the same with our faith. It won't always be easy, but keep your head up! We're working on this together. 

Cool. How do I sign up now?
Great! You can email us and give us a general idea of what you'd like to help with! If you don't know at all, that's fine too, come to a meeting some time or meet with a leader and we can talk about it. Even if we don't place you somewhere immediately, we'll find something eventually.