One Light Community is a student ministry based in Augusta, GA. This includes middle school, high school, college and young adults. Our logo represents the multicultural background of our students. Additionally, our name, “One Light Community,” represents the unity of all colors, joining together to create “one light,” focused on Jesus Christ. 


We value multigenerational community. This is why we try to bring together so many student age groups. Our desire is to teach them in this microcosm, through life together, to value people from all stages of their lives. We also do this by volunteering our energy to aid the adult congregations, serve on mission trips and help with children’s ministry. We value developing leaders, therefore each of our older students, mainly College and above, recognize their roles as older brothers and sisters to the younger ones. We do this by using our College Students in leadership roles for our various yearly trips. We value all cultures, therefore we are multicultural, having Koreans, Caucasians, Filipinos, Taiwanese, Latinos, Chinese, African-Americans, mixed, military, missionary kids and whoever else shows up on a given weekend!


Augusta Korean-American Methodist Church // 2641 Barton Chapel Rd. Augusta, GA 30906 // *Located in “The Attic,” second floor of the Life Center


Friday - College & YA Group (7:30 PM, Brick House) // Sunday - English Ministry (EM) Service (9:30 AM, Sanctuary) // OLC Student Service (11:10 AM, The Attic)


We believe that the Church is not just a single demographic but rather a community that is centered around the salvation and lordship of Jesus Christ.