Howard Ki
Student Pastor

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St. Louis, MO
Columbia International University: Bachelor of Science; Bible and Discipleship / Master of Arts - Ministry Leadership
I am a hunter, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I am a voracious reader!

Reilynn Ki
Children's Ministry Leader

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Sacramento, CA
Columbia International University
I loved being pregnant (5 kids), I am a health food nut, and I am crazy about my family!

Sang Min Lee
Worship Team Leader

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Boondang, South Korea
Georgia Southern University
I like to try things for about 1-3 months each and then quit (kickboxing, rock climbing, swimming, BJJ, cooking, etc.). I'm also looking for a Christian wife (U.S. Citizens only).


Shinae Lee
Administration Team Leader

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Pusan, South Korea
I love to bake, make people laugh, and watch pimple popping videos.

Shann Peneza
Worship Leader / Sunday school

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Tagaytay, Philippines
I have a black cat named Luna and I'm interested in design. But most of all, I want to pursue Bible college and worship school someday soon.