Howard Ki
Student Pastor

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St. Louis, MO
Columbia International University: Bachelor of Science; Bible and Discipleship / Master of Arts - Ministry Leadership
I am a hunter, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I am a voracious reader!

Reilynn Ki
Prayer Team Co-Director, Bible Study Director

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Sacramento, CA
Columbia International University; Sophomore
I loved being pregnant (5 kids), I am a health food nut, and I am crazy about my family!


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Shinae Lee
Head Administrator, Event Planner, Bible Study Teacher

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Pusan, South Korea
Augusta University
I love to cook, make people laugh, and watch Korean dramas.


Shann Peneza
Worship Leader & Director, Life Group Leader, Bible Study Teacher

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Tagaytay, Philippines
Augusta University
I have a black cat named Luna and I'm interested in graphic design. But most of all, I want to pursue Bible college and worship school someday soon.


Aaron Fan
Life Group Leader, Band Director, Podcast Manager, Prayer Team Co-Director

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Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Human Biology, Music Minor, Emory University. MD/PhD, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.
My family is very important to me. I am a territorial person and possess a strong sense of ownership. I have developed a budding interest in cooking/baking/chefing.               


Events Director, Life Group Leader

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Houston, TX
Augusta University
I love napping, drinking coffee, and I want a big family one day.

Katie Chiou
Logistics Team Director

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Dayton, Ohio
Senior at Lakeside High School
I love taking pictures, buying clothes, and learning about people.

Robin Lee
Band Director Apprentice

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Augusta, GA
Senior at Westminster School of Augusta
I play a lot of instruments. I like to cook for people while talking deep. Ball is life.

Creative Communications Director

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Seoul, South Korea
Augusta University
I have a passion for the arts and love making things for people. I am the "bird lady" with 5 quails and I plan to have an aviary some day! I love learning new ways to do things.


Andrey Bacal
Blog Editor, Youth Treasurer

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Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines
Augusta University
I love Netflix, collecting hats from different states, and creating content.

Jessica Toups
Outreach Director

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Honolulu, Hawaii
Augusta University
I love video games, I enjoy working out, and I want to travel the world.

Katie Althoff
Greeting Team Director

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Houston, TX
Davidson Fine Arts
I'm clumsy, I have no sense of rhythm but I'm on the worship team, and I think everyone is my friend.

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Heeyeon No
Junior Administrator

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Suwon, Korea
Junior at Lakeside High School
I love K-Pop (EXO and IKON), K-Dramas, and hanging out with friends!

Michelle Lee
Social Media Director, Interior Designer

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Los Angeles, CA
Augusta University
I love making handmade cards and paintings, corgis, and ootds.

Sharon Ji
Matthew Bible Study Teacher, Ride Coordinator

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Baltimore, MD
GRU College of Nursing
I want to become a travel nurse and go to as many places as possible, I've developed an interest for historical fiction novels, and I have a new kitten with a cleft lip... his name is Genghis.


Minook Jin
Activity Leader, Grounds-Keeper

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Philadelphia, PA
Augusta University
I've lived in 3 different countries: Korea, US, & Australia. I love eating good food. I love watching movies.

Phillip Y. Kimm
Middle School Director

Dr. Peter Kim
Middle School Coordinator