What is the purpose?
The worship team exists so that we can use the talents that we have been blessed with by the Lord, for the Lord. We exist to lead the congregation into a time of musical worship through singing songs and through prayer. We understand that worship does not exist only in these moments, but is in every moment of our lives. We do not try to take any fame for ourselves, but exist to bring all glory to God.

So what does it take?
We are looking for responsible musicians who have a desire to play their instruments for God. Skill can be learned, but character is valued much more. Therefore, we want people who are consistent, responsible, punctual, and patient. We meet once a week on Saturdays for practice and Sundays for service. We expect consistent attendance at worship services, regardless of if you are assigned to play that week or not. Most of all, we expect students with a love for the Lord and love for music.

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